Monday, August 26, 2013

A Princess Party

As I'm prepping for Jack's 8th Birthday party - I realized I never posted pictures from Maddie's "Princess Party".  Her party was so fun to plan and craft for and best of all Maddie and her princess friends loved everything and had a terrific time. 

Many of the decorations I made were inspired from things I saw on Pinterest. Don't you love Pinterest?  What did we do without it?  I can't remember...

This was the Princess Treat table.  I made white chocolate covered pretzels (pink and purple of course) with "fairy dust", chocolate covered popcorn, giant chocolate covered marshmallows with paper straws, and some other goodies.  The pink puffs created a dreamy scene and the girls loved them.  Maddie now has them hanging from her chandelier in her bedroom - cute!  In the left corner of the pic you can see the crown favor boxes I made using my cricut.  These were really fun.  Maddie and I decorated each crown with sparkly gems and stamped "thank you" on each crown.  We filled them with chocolate candies wrapped in purple.  We also made a few yellow and blue crowns for the boys.  She was really excited to pass these out.

Here is a close up of the magic wands we made.  I found a tutorial here that was really easy to follow.  We added a few gems to really make it "magical". Maddie helped place the gem in the middle and she also helped paint the sticks. 

The delicious cake was made by a friend - Stephanie.  She did an amazing job and captured everything Maddie asked for.  The kids were so excited to eat it and best of was SO good!  You can see on the sides that I found little purple and pink scoops to use for serving the snacks.  These were perfect - they kept sticky hands out of the bowls and also allowed the kids to get their own treats. 

It's a little hard to tell from this picture - but I created a banner using my Cricut.  This was a simple banner but incorporated the colors of the party.  I used the felt stars on both ends of the banner.  There were also balloons going along the arch welcoming guests.  I have to admit that the banner and balloons stayed up for several weeks - who doesn't want to be welcomed by a banner and balloons day after day? 

We also had Apple Annie at the party.  She provided a magic/bubble show.  She did really cool balloon animals and did face painting as well.  The kids LOVED her.  Best of all...she provided an hour of entertainment for the kids!

For the end of May it was so chilly and windy - but the kids had a blast.  I borrowed princess tents from friends and placed them around the yard for the kids to play in. 

Our little Princess sure is enjoying being 4!  I'm off to start planning Jack's party.

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