Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Maddie's Rainbow Party

I've been a little behind on Maddie's birthday post.  June literally slid over the rainbow and I feel like I missed it.

Maddie's birthday party was bright and cheerful just like our Maddie.  The planning started when Maddie came home from preschool with a rainbow painting that she was SO proud of.  From then on, every time she saw a rainbow, she would get so excited.

Planning for this party was easy - there are so many options for rainbow colored candies and the primary colors are easy to find.

Maddie had fun and at the end of the night, while I was tucking her in she said, "thank you for my rainbow party, mama".  Hearing that little voice speak those words, made all the planning totally worth it.

Enjoy the pics.
The "Candy Station" was a hit.  The kids LOVED this! 
This birthday cake was SO fun to make.  SIX colorful layers of deliciousness. 

The aftermath...I had to get a picture of the layers.  Everyone let out an "oooooohhh" once they saw the layers.  It was the best part of the cake and tasted SO good. Directions for preparing the layers can be found here. This video was also really, really helpful!

 Now that all the partying is done, I still see rainbow and think...Oh!  I could have done that too.  Now I'm thinking of ideas for Jack's upcoming 7th birthday.  Hard to believe these guys are growing so quickly!

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  1. What a beautiful party! I am sure she will remember this special day forever!

    1. Thanks Pam! I hope she remembers it. She still remembers the owl theme from last year!

  2. What a fun party, Kristin! A fun theme with all the perfect appointments! Love your rainbow over your arched opening! Looks like Maddie really enjoyed it all! Great job!

    1. Thanks Margaret! I have to admit - I love the rainbow on the arch too and I haven't been able to take it down! It's just so colorful and cheerful.

  3. thanks for sharing your colorful ideas! hugs, m

  4. Absolutely LOVE the rainbow cake! It looked like so much fun. =)