Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Workshop

This week I hosted a Father's Day Workshop for KIDS!

Kids came over to make a "six pack of snacks" for their Daddies. I had lots of snacks to choose from for the kids to put in the bottles. Cool "dad" paper was applied to the six pack holder and the bottles.

Kids had fun assembling these gifts...and sneaking some snacks too.

Lots of FUN! I hope the dad's enjoy their gifts!

Happy Father's Day!


Father's day printables found here and here

Scrapbook paper was purchased on etsy at this shop.  Awesome papers for just about any occasion. 

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  1. Thanks Mary! It was a really fun set of classes to run!

  2. Cute, cute, cute! I bet those younguns DID enjoy making that!

    1. Thanks Terriloo! I think the kids liked sneaking snacks the best! I can see doing this project over again for several different occasions - (housewarming gifts, birthday gifts, football parties) - the list goes on. FUN!

  3. What a fun idea, Kristin! I bet the kids loved it! I've enjoyed browsing your blog! Love all your inspiring creations!